MyVideoLib F.A.Q

What can MyVideoLib do?

It can import your video files from harddisk and import online videos (by plugins for specific sites ) and build your own video library. And you can organize all these videos by tags, by playlists, by channels, by searching.

Then you can find any video within 3 seconds, just enjoy it immediately .

Is MyVideoLib free ?

Yes. MyVideoLib Basic Plan is free forever, and you can use all features. The difference between Pro Plan and Basic Plan is only that Basic Plan has some amount limits. If you are happy with our app and like it, please support us by joining Pro Plan.

We don't want make big money, we only need a little support so our team can keep on improving this app and make our users more satisfied. We will always keep Pro Plan's price "Less Than A Cola A Month". And we really thank you for supporting us.

Is MyVideoLib safe?

Yes, definitely. Before every release, we have our App checked by security softwares and by Apple to make sure it doesn't contain any malware or virus.

And all your videos, your organizing infomation stays only on your computer. We do not use any cloud storage or upload your data, your local data is always your local data.

Where do the App store my video library?

All your data is in Documents/MyVideoLib_VideoLibrary folder. And please do not edit its contents manually, or your video library may be broken.

How can I backup and restore my video library?

All your video library data is in Documents/MyVideoLib_VideoLibrary folder. If you need backup your data, just make a copy of this folder.

If you want to restore it, just copy your backup folder to Documents, and then open the App, then your video library is restored.

Can I protect my videos by passwords ?

Currently, No. But we will support this feature in later versions. At now consider using Mac's Built-in encryption, it works!