Why MyVideoLib?

It's quick and it's simple and it's beautiful.

Video organize and play All-In-One APP, manage videos and utilize built-in player. Get work done in 2 clicks in 2 seconds. VERY EASY to use, support tags / playlists / channels, keyword search, import local videos , download online videos *1 .

Our Mission

Less time for hassle, more time for enjoying videos. Get work done in 2 seconds, makes finding & playing & organziing as easy as taking a breath. Make life easier, saving time in finding ,organizing and other menial tasks.

Make MyVideoLib the easiest and the quickest. And, keep making it better 😃


Everything is free during Beta phase (before March 1st 2020 )

BASIC | Free Forever
(Enough for light users)

  • all features available
  • library capacity 100 videos MAX
  • 10 tags / 10 playlists / 10 channels MAX
  • plugins usage 50 times MAX each week

PRO | Less than a cola a month
(For heavy users)

$0.75 / Month
  • all features available
  • no amount limit to anything
  • PRO plan 2-week free trial, nothing is required
  • Support us with a bottle of cola
Just try it and you'll love it. There's nothing to lose ;)

Contact Us

If you have any Ideas or suggestions or encounter a bug , you're welcome to contact us. You will receive a gift if it is accepted.

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