Video Organization by Subject

Videos and movies all have a certain subject matter. There’s drama, comedy, horror, suspense, and a whole slew of other subjects out there. When organizing your video library, one helpful tip is to do it by subject. Here are some ways this can be helpful for you.

Doing a Project

Many colleges and universities around the world have film programs. If you are a bit of a movie junkie, you may currently be in, or have graduated from, one of these programs. The required course work will invariably involve projects where you are required to watch movies. If your homework revolves around a certain genre, having your library organized this way can save some time.

Time Saving for Get-Togethers

Whether you are having that special someone over for a date or you are just having a group of friends for a movie night, organizing by subject can save time. If you can decide on a subject, finding the movie will be much easier.

Ways to Organize

Actually doing the organizational work can be time consuming because there are so many subjects to consider.

Sub Genres

If you find that you have too many movies from one subject, try dividing it into sub-categories like this.
Action – spy movies, thrillers, or military
Romance – romantic comedy or foreign romance.
Comedies – slapstick, teen humor, or dark comedy.
If you can’t think of a good sub-genre, look a few up online.


Labeling your shelves can be a great way to remember where your different subjects are stored. It can be difficult to remember where your dramas and your comedies are, but with labels you don’t have to remember.

No matter what type of organization you choose, find something that works for you. Having an organized video library will save you space and time.