Organizing Movies by Rating

Nearly every movie produced these days gets submitted to receive a rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, or the MPAA. When these ratings are given, it helps people to know what content will be included in the movie and to make a decision of whether or not to watch it. It is not a perfect system, but it does help parents and individuals to avoid content they are uncomfortable watching. When organizing your video library, it can be helpful to keep the ratings in mind.

Movie Rating System

The MPAA started in 1922 and has been rating movies ever since. In order to learn about how to organize your video library by rating, you should first know a little bit about each rating category.

Movie Ratings

Currently, there are five rating categories used by the MPAA: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. Here is a brief description of each:
G rating: these are generally kids movies containing no bad language, drug use, or nudity.
PG rating: parental guidance is suggested for these movies, but you still won’t have excessive swearing or other objectionable material.
PG-13 rating: these movies aren’t for children under 13. There may be some swearing or sexual content here.
R rating: in theaters, kids won’t be admitted to these movies without an adult. There may be swearing, nudity, violence, or other material not suitable for kids.
NC-17: this is a unique rating that isn’t very common. It is given to movies with very objectionable material or disturbing elements that are not suitable for children at all.
Movies may also be not rated or unrated, meaning that the MPAA has not had a chance to review the content. In the age of online streaming, many movies released directly to the internet are not rated.

Kid-friendly Organization

Organizing your video library my movie rating is a great option for kids. You can separate the movies that they can watch, the Gs and the PGs, from the movies they shouldn’t watch, some PG-13s and Rs (at your discretion of course). You can hide movies that you believe should probably only be for the adults in the family this way.

Movie ratings are quite important to many movie goers out there, especially parents. To protect your kids and keep your movies organized, pick this method of organization.