5 Quotes From The Fox And The Hound To Frame

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When it comes to decorating your house, you might turn to Disney to add some accent pieces. There is no doubt that many Disney movies offer quotable pieces you can frame or utilize as a motif in your home. The universal truths present in many of these films makes the messages meaningful. These Fox and the Hound quotes offer beautiful concepts you can frame and hang on the wall or add to some other type of craft. 1. “Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end. But in my heart’s the memory, and there you’ll always be.” This Widow Tweed quote is heartbreaking, and for good reason. At some point, everybody will say goodbye. Some bid farewell to spouses and children, and others to grandparents and dear friends. Saying goodbye is never easy, and this bittersweet quote is a reminder of that. 2. “They can’t understand the magic of your wonderland.” This song, sung by Big Mama, has plenty of wonderful quotes. When you are friends or in love with somebody in a way that other people just don’t relate to, this quote might seem fitting. 3. “Forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things.” Here is another poignant Big Mama quote. As much as people like to believe that the world will stay the same, it often does not. This quote offers sage advice for those who thing nothing will ever feel better or that things are never going to change. Depending on how you look at it, this quote can be pleasant or sad. 4. “And we’ll always be friends forever. Won’t we?” Young Tod is desperate to be friends with Copper forever. Unfortunately, the disparity in their relationship shows that this is not likely to be so. 5. “It’s either education or elimination.” This is another of Big Mama’s words of wisdom. She tells Tod that the only way to stay alive is to stay smart. This is a quote that may resonate with you too. No matter how you choose to use these quotes, they are sure to remind you of this classic film each time you see them. You can paint these quotes on a frame of you with your friends or create a print with the quote and an image from the film. Your home is bound to be beautiful with these bittersweet quotes adorning the walls. For more Fox and the Hound quotes, contact Disney Quotes or a similar...

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Fitness Modeling: Are You Strong Enough To Pursue This Competitive Career?

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Fitness modeling is different than other types of modeling, and it has its own signature niche. For example, runway models are known for being tall and thin, glamor models are naturally beautiful with an air of sexiness, and promotional models are beautiful as well as outgoing. Fitness models’ niche is being toned and fit while also pretty. Fitness modeling is often confused with bodybuilding, but these are two entirely different worlds. Bodybuilders strive for large, bulky muscles. Fitness models seek out a toned appearance. A good fitness model looks like a dedicated, healthy athlete. Do people constantly comment on your toned physique and beauty? Are you healthy, attractive, and confident? Before you blindly seek out casting calls, understand that these characteristics do not guarantee you a successful career as a fitness model. Here are some things you should consider before you jump head first into this cutthroat world. Ignore the scale. Unlike runway or fashion models, who have height and weight standards, fitness models can be tall, short, or somewhere in the middle. Many fitness models weigh more than you would expect them to weigh, as well. This is because muscle is more dense than fat; if you are toned and strapped with dense, lean muscle, do not be discouraged if your weight is higher than you think a model’s scale should read.  Work hard and smart. Like other models, fitness models must pay attention to what they eat and how they work out. If you eat too much, you will gain fat, but if you eat too little, your metabolism will slow, making it harder for you to retain your fit physique. No one person boasts a “perfect” body, but you can still pinpoint areas that you would like to improve upon and diligently learn and use specific exercises to improve those muscle groups. Decide you feel about cosmetic surgery. Some women feel the need to undergo cosmetic surgery on their journeys toward becoming a fitness model. This is a personal decision that you should not take lightly. Many women find that, as they gain muscle and lose fat, they lose their breasts. Other women find that they have problem areas that, despite their best efforts, simply cannot tone. Still other women believe that, even though they have accomplished their fitness goals, they could be prettier if only their noses or lips could be restructured. These women often opt for breast augmentation, plastic surgery, or liposuction. Only you can decide whether cosmetic surgery is right for you. Stay positive. Modeling is a difficult industry to succeed in, and fitness modeling is no different. If you do everything right and still fail to land jobs or callbacks after casting calls, do not grow discouraged. You might not have the look that the agency or director is looking for, or they might already have models with features similar to your own. Casting calls are great opportunities to seek out advice and receive constructive criticism, so do not be afraid to ask. Plus, by showing you are humble and trainable, you are expanding your network and opening future doors for your modeling career. Keep in mind that some of the most eligible fitness models will never achieve stardom; this has nothing to do with quality or candidacy, but luck, opportunity, and...

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Show Your Appreciation With A Personalized Card That Is Embossed

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Create personalized greeting cards that are embossed to show your family and friends how much they are appreciated. Making greeting cards is an activity that does not require many materials or any experience. Use The Following Materials card stock stencils pencil craft paint thin paintbrush embossing ink embossing powder glass dish stamper envelopes old newspaper foil tray heat gun ruler scissors printer paper Draw The Outlines Fold pieces of card stock in half to form cards. Draw a picture on the front of each one with a pencil. Use stencils or a template that you have printed out if you would like to have pictures and letters that you can easily trace. Use a ruler to assist with keeping the words straight and evenly spaced out. Add Embossing Powder And Heat It Up Cover your work surface with newspaper. Decide which parts of the card stock to emboss. Embossing will create raised, smooth surfaces that will stand out. Use a thin paintbrush to apply embossing ink to one of the cards. Put the card on a metal tray and sprinkle embossing powder onto the ink. Make sure that the powder is evenly applied and covers all of the ink. Turn on the heat gun and hold the tip a couple inches away from the powder. As the powder heats up, it will melt. Once the section is raised and uniform in appearance, emboss another section of the card. Emboss all of the cards in this manner. Do not overheat the ink because it may scorch the card stock.  Paint And Mail The Cards Pour craft paint into a dish. Use a thin paintbrush to apply it to the cards. Outline the letters and fill in the pictures that are on each one. The paint will take a couple hours to dry. Place the cards in a ventilated area where they will not be disturbed while you are waiting. Sign each one once they are dry. Enhance the envelopes that you are using by embossing them. If you have a stamper with your name and address on it, apply embossing ink to it with a paintbrush and stamp the corner of each envelope. Pour embossing powder on the ink and melt it with the heat gun. Place a card in each envelope and mail them. Family members and friends who receive your personalized greeting cards will appreciate the the time that you took to create a special message for...

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Why A Brick-And-Mortar Music Store Is The Only Place To Buy An Instrument

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These days, you can buy just about anything online with a simple click of a mouse, and that modern convenience can be a great help in many scenarios. However, there are some things that just shouldn’t be bought online, and one big category that should be kept to in-person shopping is buying a musical instrument. Moreover, just any store won’t do, but a dedicated music store will be incredibly helpful in choosing a first instrument or expanding your collection of any type.  Trust Your Gut No matter how wonderful the online, 6 sentence description sounds, nothing can replace sitting down with a guitar, violin or trumpet and putting it through its paces before you decide to buy. Many online retailers only use a manufacturer-supplied photo, as well, meaning that what you’re looking at on a computer screen can be a variation of what you receive in the mail a few weeks after paying. This possibility, along with the arduous task of returning the instrument via mail if it’s not what you wanted, makes buying online a huge risk.  A Professional Touch Perhaps the strongest argument for buying directly from a music store is that there are professionals there who are well-versed in not only the instruments they sell, but what is best for beginners and veterans alike. For example, an online site could have a beginner guitarist thinking that a guitar featuring a floating tremolo with 3 pickups and strap locks is perfect for playing smooth jazz. Also, big box stores are terrible places for buying instruments because of the lack of selection and the fact that the chance of finding a reliable professional for musical instruments there is very, very small.  Repair and Maintenance Help An often-overlooked advantage to buying in person is the fact that many music shops will offer a warranty on their instruments. In addition, these stores will offer advice on repairs as well, and inform you of any issues with the instrument before you buy it. For example, if you get your new amp in the mail and it makes an annoying sound, you might think it’s defective and send it back, when in reality the problem might just require a simple turn of a knob. Also, if you buy a complicated instrument or accessory that you might not fully understand, a music store employee will tell you everything you need to know to keep it in tip-top shape. (For more information on music stores, contact Caldwell Connection) It might seem like common sense to buy a new or used instrument in-person, but when the shiny new clarinet with a bargain price tag catches your eye on a music website, the temptation can be hard to resist. However, when you factor in shipping, the fact that you might not get what you paid for and the possibility of it being an improper instrument for your skill level or taste, the bargain factor quickly goes away. To make sure that your instrument purchase goes smoothly, make the trip to your local music store, and you’ll have the perfect instrument in no time at...

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Piano

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If you have never owned a piano before, you might not have a lot of knowledge when it comes to caring for it. Since this is not a cheap decoration that you want to just toss to the side, you are going to want to make sure that you are putting in enough time and effort to ensure that it is well taken care of. Checking out the following tips will allow you to do just that: Have It Serviced As Needed The moment you realize that the tone, pitch, or touch is a little off is the moment you need to call in a professional piano technician so that it can be adjusted accordingly. After all, you are not really going to be able to get optimal use out of your piano if it will not sound right when you hit the keys for your favorite song. Correct The Voicing When Needed Over time, as the little hammers strike the cords within the piano, they will begin to wear down. When that happens, you will find that the sound that comes out of the piano will change a little. Since it is important to make sure that the tunes coming from each key is always the same, you may need to have it voiced. This is where are piano technician comes in and corrects or replaces the worn out hammers so that the piano will play well again. Watch The Humidity Level Too much humidity is bad for a piano because it will warp the wood and many of the components inside of the piano. Therefore, you might want to make use of a dehumidifier if you find that your home has too much humidity. On the other hand, the piano should not be in an environment that is too dry, so using an air conditioning during the hottest summer months can be very helpful. The key is to find that healthy balance for your piano and a piano technician should be able to help you find that. Keep The Wood Polished Never use a wet rag on your wood piano. A dry dust rag with a little wood furniture polish is all you need to use in order to keep it clean and to ensure that it shines. Also, not only are you trying to make sure that your piano looks its best, but you are making sure that dust does not build up on the keys or anywhere else that could affect the playing value of it. As you can see, there are some small things you need to do and watch out for. If you do those things, you should have a piano that will last for many years without giving you much in the way of problems. To learn more, contact a company like Gavin Piano Services...

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Four Essential Features To Ask For With Your Photo Booth Rental

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Renting a photo booth is a great way to add variety to any party or event. With the help of a high quality camera too big to fit on a mobile phone, guests can have lots of fun posing and being silly with each other. But to ensure that you deliver the best possible photo booth experience, insist upon getting these four features. Green Screen And Background Editing With modern technology, photo booth pictures no longer need to be limited to just one background. With the help of a green screen, your guests can insert any kind of digital background in their pictures. Results, of course, are frequently hilarious. So make sure that your photo booth comes with both a green screen and some kind of way to edit different backgrounds in on the spot. While some photo booths come with buttons for this purpose, others can be connected to an external touch screen device.   Online Photo Hosting If your guests can upload their photos to the company’s website and access them later, a lot of future frustration will be avoided. Instead of relying only on immediate printing, pictures can be transferred directly to social media sites once the festivities are over. This way, no one has to go through the trouble of managing uploads in the middle of a party or event. And with the digital versions of their photos always available, guests can further edit and refine what they want at their leisure. Prop Box A well-designed prop box greatly increases the appeal of any photo booth. Guests will have even more fun than normal sorting through the various props to find something as funny as possible. If you choose to rent a closed booth, make sure that the prop box is small enough to fit in it. It’s also not a bad idea to check whether the box’s exterior is visually compatible with the rest of the booth. Lots Of Different Options For Physical Printing Of course, the whole appeal of photo booths is their ability to print different sizes of physical photos on the spot. Any booth that lacks this feature or doesn’t have enough size and layout options won’t be very well received. Don’t get hung up on size only. For maximum possible variety, you should also look out for booths that can print multiple different photo sizes on the same sheet of paper. Since you don’t usually see photo booths around anymore, you’re not wrong to be skeptical about renting one. But as long as the right features are included, they’re an effective and novel way to get some quality entertainment. Snap Zone Photo Booth is a local company that rents out photo booths. Contact them if you have any...

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Before You Rent Your Party Tent: 3 Things To Know

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You want to hold a party, but there’s not enough room in your house for even half of the guests you want to invite. You’ve got a space outside somewhere that you can use, but you don’t want to spend the whole week before the party crossing your fingers so hard that your hands cramp, while you pray it won’t rain. Almost as bad: you could end up with a day so hot and sunny that your guests spend the whole time miserably huddled under any spot of shade they can find, or go home early before they get sunburned. Renting a party tent is probably the best solution to your problem. Learn what you need to know before you rent. 1) What size of a tent do you need? It really depends on the type of party you’re having, and how you want the space to function. Tents sizes come in square feet, and you are going to need to allow a certain number of square feet of tent per guest. A good rule to follow is: weddings and parties with sitting tables, serving tables and dance space = 15 square feet per guest barbecues or a kid’s birthday party = 10 square feet per guest ceremony seating only (for example, when you are holding an outdoor wedding but an indoor reception = 8 square feet per guest Any less than that, and you’re going to have your guests tripping over each other or sitting a little too close together for anybody’s personal comfort. 2) What type of tent do you need? There are four basic styles of tents available and a combination of personal preference and purpose should guide your choice. They are: Pole-supported tents. These are the kind that most people think of when they think of tents. Poles support a fabric roof, and the fabric itself is attached to the ground by stakes. Weights on the fabric help keep the tent steady.  Pipe-frame supported tents. These are usually best for small events only, or if you want something specific to be under the tent, but the sides wide open. These are great if you are holding an auction and want the auctioneer to be under the shade, or just need the tent to cover the DJ and his or her equipment. Box-beam or clearspan tents. These use aluminum or steel box-beam frames and are great for events like wedding receptions. There aren’t a lot of poles to work around or dodge when trying to mingle, and they usually have fabric sides that can dropped to keep out rain or wind. Tensile tents. These are a little like the traditional pole-supported tents, but don’t need as many poles. They have a very sculpted, unique look and are also geared toward larger parties. 3) How much is a tent going to cost? Prices vary by the location you live in, but you can usually find a rental tent for as little as $100, if you’re looking for one to just put above a stage or buffet table. Just ask the dimensions before you order, so that you know exactly how small of a tent you’re getting. A medium sized tent will probably cost up to $500, and a large tent will cost up to $1,500 per day. Giant...

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