Alphabetic Video Library

For movie lovers, having an organized video library is a must. Many times, you get a craving to watch a certain movie, but when you have hundreds of them just lying around it will take forever to find it. Video library organization is no small feat, but many experts say that organizing alphabetically is one of the best methods.

Alphabetical Organization

Organizing your video library alphabetically makes a lot of sense. It is probably the easiest and quickest method to organize your videos. Ever since the modern English alphabet was developed, and even well before that, alphabetical organization has existed.

If you are a movie buff, you probably have a lot of DVDs and old VHS tapes. There are many places to buy cheap, old VHS tapes, and most likely you have cleaned out these locations. This means you need to get some serious furniture to hold everything. Many companies still make furniture with plastic slots for holding VHS tapes, but you may need to go to your local thrift store and search for some.

Organizing in Drawers

One problem with organizing your video library alphabetically in a vertical position is that some video organizational furniture is susceptible to falling over. This is where drawers are useful. You can buy, or make, an entertainment center with lots of drawers to hold your videos. This way they are hidden from view, but readily accessible when you need them.
To keep your alphabetical organization up, you will need to continually work at it. If you watch four or five movies over the course of a weekend, just make sure you put them away as you finish each one. If you leave them out on the floor it will create a mess and consequently more work for yourself later. Once you have the initial organization, maintenance is key.