About John Russell

There are a lot of movie buffs out there, and I am one of them. My name is John Russell, and like I said, I like movies. It doesn’t matter if they are artistic or just entertaining eye candy, I love sitting down and letting a movie tell me a story. But once I started collecting physical copies of movies, I realized quickly that things can get tricky. After a few months of having movies all over my house, I decided to get organized.

Organizing all of your movies is a big task, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Whether you choose to organize alphabetically, by rating, by genre, or some other method, having your movies in a place where you can find them can make a big difference. I have searched many drawers and shelves looking for a movie only to never find it. Organization is key to finding the right movie when you want it.

In addition to offering organizational methods, I will talk about film in general in this blog, so keep on reading if you love movies as much as I do. I sincerely hope you will find something useful about film and movies.