Tips For Your First Video Game Streaming Sessions

If you have decided that you want to increase your income by streaming your gaming sessions online and earning money from advertising revenue or page views, then there are a few important things you need to do. Since you do not have any experience with the best practices for video game streaming, you should follow the following time-tested tips that have previously helped other gamers in your position to be successful:

Tip: Consider Streaming Games That Are Not as Popular

As soon as a new popular game comes on the market, many gamers start streaming it. This means that you have a lot of competition for viewers. However, if you choose to stream a less popular game, then you will have more fans and players of the game who are looking for streams to watch. Also, if you happen to enjoy some classic or retro games, these work well for streaming as well because they will always have people who are still playing and interested in them.

Tip: Check Your Technology and Then Check It Again Before Streaming

Before your first streaming session ever goes live, first you need to check your technology and ensure that it is properly working. Once you have checked everything, then do a test session to make sure that everything works well before you go live.

Tip: Invite a Friend Over So You Have Someone to Talk to While Streaming

When you are new to streaming online, there may be times where there isn’t anyone in your chat room that you can talk to. Since you will likely feel strange talking to yourself while you play, you should invite a friend to come over so you have someone in the room that you can talk to. This will help you feel more secure and keep you from rambling out of nervousness. You can also ask your friend to watch your stream and interact with you in the chat feature. 

Tip: Always Archive Every Gaming Session You Stream Online

Finally, you should always archive every gaming session that you stream online. Even if you do not have anyone viewing you live during your first few sessions, you will eventually have a following. Once other gamers are following you, then they will go back and view your archived sessions. This will help increase your income if you are broadcasting on a site that pays you for views or ad revenue. 

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