Three Health Benefits of Joining a Swim Club

Regardless of your age, swimming can be an effective activity for keeping your body and mind healthy. If you’ve been swimming alone, you could find that joining a swim club can make your workout even more enjoyable. A key benefit of belonging to a club is that you’ll have regularly scheduled workouts, your fellow members will boost your workout accountability, and you’ll have some extra fun along the way. Whatever you reason is for taking the plunge, you can expect your participation in a swim club to yield a long list of health benefits. Here are three that you’ll experience.

Effective Caloric Burn

If you’ve chosen swimming as a way to help you lose weight or maintain your current weight, one of the challenges that you might face is making time for a visit to the local aquatic center when you have a busy schedule. However, as a member of a swim club, you’ll be committing to swimming frequently. Because of that, this sport will help you burn calories. The high-intensity nature of swimming results in a quick caloric burn. While your body weight and swim stroke you use influence your burn rate, swimming burns calories faster than many other cardiovascular activities. For example, a 155-pound person who swims laps at a vigorous pace for just 30 minutes will burn about 372 calories.

Pain-Free Workout

A chief fitness benefit that you’ll experience while you’re swimming with your club is a lack of pain during the workout. While some muscle aches can be common at the start, more serious issues are uncommon due to the nature of the exercise. Swimming is a low-impact cardio activity; the water provides buoyancy that cushions your body’s joints from impact. This is the opposite of high-impact cardio exercises such as jogging. The result is that you’re less likely to develop pain that will dissuade you from continuing to exercise.

Full-Body Activity

Swimming is ideal because it’s an example of a full-body activity. As such, it strengthens and promotes flexibility in a long list of your major muscle groups from your legs to your shoulders and many places in between. The advantage to full-body exercises is that they help you maintain muscle symmetry. For example, if you’re exclusively riding a bicycle, you can develop a strong lower body but have muscle weaknesses in your upper body. Swimming ensures that you strengthen your entire body evenly, which can help you reduce the risk of injuries.

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