Show Your Appreciation With A Personalized Card That Is Embossed

Create personalized greeting cards that are embossed to show your family and friends how much they are appreciated. Making greeting cards is an activity that does not require many materials or any experience.

Use The Following Materials

  • card stock
  • stencils
  • pencil
  • craft paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • embossing ink
  • embossing powder
  • glass dish
  • stamper
  • envelopes
  • old newspaper
  • foil tray
  • heat gun
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • printer paper

Draw The Outlines

Fold pieces of card stock in half to form cards. Draw a picture on the front of each one with a pencil. Use stencils or a template that you have printed out if you would like to have pictures and letters that you can easily trace. Use a ruler to assist with keeping the words straight and evenly spaced out.

Add Embossing Powder And Heat It Up

Cover your work surface with newspaper. Decide which parts of the card stock to emboss. Embossing will create raised, smooth surfaces that will stand out. Use a thin paintbrush to apply embossing ink to one of the cards. Put the card on a metal tray and sprinkle embossing powder onto the ink. Make sure that the powder is evenly applied and covers all of the ink.

Turn on the heat gun and hold the tip a couple inches away from the powder. As the powder heats up, it will melt. Once the section is raised and uniform in appearance, emboss another section of the card. Emboss all of the cards in this manner. Do not overheat the ink because it may scorch the card stock. 

Paint And Mail The Cards

Pour craft paint into a dish. Use a thin paintbrush to apply it to the cards. Outline the letters and fill in the pictures that are on each one. The paint will take a couple hours to dry. Place the cards in a ventilated area where they will not be disturbed while you are waiting. Sign each one once they are dry.

Enhance the envelopes that you are using by embossing them. If you have a stamper with your name and address on it, apply embossing ink to it with a paintbrush and stamp the corner of each envelope. Pour embossing powder on the ink and melt it with the heat gun. Place a card in each envelope and mail them. Family members and friends who receive your personalized greeting cards will appreciate the the time that you took to create a special message for them. 

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