Why A Brick-And-Mortar Music Store Is The Only Place To Buy An Instrument

These days, you can buy just about anything online with a simple click of a mouse, and that modern convenience can be a great help in many scenarios. However, there are some things that just shouldn’t be bought online, and one big category that should be kept to in-person shopping is buying a musical instrument. Moreover, just any store won’t do, but a dedicated music store will be incredibly helpful in choosing a first instrument or expanding your collection of any type. 

Trust Your Gut

No matter how wonderful the online, 6 sentence description sounds, nothing can replace sitting down with a guitar, violin or trumpet and putting it through its paces before you decide to buy. Many online retailers only use a manufacturer-supplied photo, as well, meaning that what you’re looking at on a computer screen can be a variation of what you receive in the mail a few weeks after paying. This possibility, along with the arduous task of returning the instrument via mail if it’s not what you wanted, makes buying online a huge risk. 

A Professional Touch

Perhaps the strongest argument for buying directly from a music store is that there are professionals there who are well-versed in not only the instruments they sell, but what is best for beginners and veterans alike. For example, an online site could have a beginner guitarist thinking that a guitar featuring a floating tremolo with 3 pickups and strap locks is perfect for playing smooth jazz. Also, big box stores are terrible places for buying instruments because of the lack of selection and the fact that the chance of finding a reliable professional for musical instruments there is very, very small. 

Repair and Maintenance Help

An often-overlooked advantage to buying in person is the fact that many music shops will offer a warranty on their instruments. In addition, these stores will offer advice on repairs as well, and inform you of any issues with the instrument before you buy it. For example, if you get your new amp in the mail and it makes an annoying sound, you might think it’s defective and send it back, when in reality the problem might just require a simple turn of a knob.

Also, if you buy a complicated instrument or accessory that you might not fully understand, a music store employee will tell you everything you need to know to keep it in tip-top shape. (For more information on music stores, contact Caldwell Connection)

It might seem like common sense to buy a new or used instrument in-person, but when the shiny new clarinet with a bargain price tag catches your eye on a music website, the temptation can be hard to resist. However, when you factor in shipping, the fact that you might not get what you paid for and the possibility of it being an improper instrument for your skill level or taste, the bargain factor quickly goes away. To make sure that your instrument purchase goes smoothly, make the trip to your local music store, and you’ll have the perfect instrument in no time at all. 

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