Four Essential Features To Ask For With Your Photo Booth Rental

Renting a photo booth is a great way to add variety to any party or event. With the help of a high quality camera too big to fit on a mobile phone, guests can have lots of fun posing and being silly with each other. But to ensure that you deliver the best possible photo booth experience, insist upon getting these four features.

Green Screen And Background Editing

With modern technology, photo booth pictures no longer need to be limited to just one background. With the help of a green screen, your guests can insert any kind of digital background in their pictures. Results, of course, are frequently hilarious.

So make sure that your photo booth comes with both a green screen and some kind of way to edit different backgrounds in on the spot. While some photo booths come with buttons for this purpose, others can be connected to an external touch screen device.  

Online Photo Hosting

If your guests can upload their photos to the company’s website and access them later, a lot of future frustration will be avoided. Instead of relying only on immediate printing, pictures can be transferred directly to social media sites once the festivities are over.

This way, no one has to go through the trouble of managing uploads in the middle of a party or event. And with the digital versions of their photos always available, guests can further edit and refine what they want at their leisure.

Prop Box

A well-designed prop box greatly increases the appeal of any photo booth. Guests will have even more fun than normal sorting through the various props to find something as funny as possible.

If you choose to rent a closed booth, make sure that the prop box is small enough to fit in it. It’s also not a bad idea to check whether the box’s exterior is visually compatible with the rest of the booth.

Lots Of Different Options For Physical Printing

Of course, the whole appeal of photo booths is their ability to print different sizes of physical photos on the spot. Any booth that lacks this feature or doesn’t have enough size and layout options won’t be very well received.

Don’t get hung up on size only. For maximum possible variety, you should also look out for booths that can print multiple different photo sizes on the same sheet of paper.

Since you don’t usually see photo booths around anymore, you’re not wrong to be skeptical about renting one. But as long as the right features are included, they’re an effective and novel way to get some quality entertainment. Snap Zone Photo Booth is a local company that rents out photo booths. Contact them if you have any questions.

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